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A vacation trip to London and Ireland, first days

I am currently on a trip of a lifetime and my best intentions are to keep you posted of my mostly Irish shenanigans. Travel day one was uneventful except I left my warm coat on the plane and lost my cell phone, temporarily. Dear husband Joe and fellow traveler (rental car driver too!) Steve successfully tracked said phone down.

Still on day one, my body being weirded out by the time change I managed a trip to The National Gallery of London. As actual good luck would have it, a guided sketch tour was a pre-scheduled event and I was there to attend! The free admission museum lent me a lightweight camp chair and I was thrilled to have partaken in this monthly event, brilliant!

I plan to return to The National Gallery before we head to Dublin as we are only a THREE MINUTE WALK to the museum.

Sketch project: Arrange various objects from the many Carlo Crivelli (1430-95) paintings to create my own still life

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