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Commissioning art for gift giving, Brothers-themed

Since my last post it’s been a whirlwind. Our son had a BIG successful surgery. After healing time, I attended a fantastic painting interiors workshop on Whidbey Island. I always enjoy my brief getaways/boot camps that require a ferry ride to Whidbey and corresponding Airbnb stays for three-to-four days. Cary and Sieb Jurriaans of Whidbey Island Fine Arts Studio are great hosts. Kenny Harris was our instructor and I learned how graying things down make for a nice neutral painting.

Whidbey Interior, 8” x 10” oil on canvas, August 2018

Also this summer, while attending our nephew’s wedding in Atlanta, I received three commissions from my sister-in-law. This nephew, along with his two brothers, became engaged consecutively. Within two back-to-back wedding seasons, we attended three marriage celebrations in Georgia. I was handed three analog snapshot photos of the brothers as young boys with the intent of mom’s great idea. Each painting was created as a special gift for her three new daughters-in-law!

Fast forward– Here are a few process photos and the finished paintings. I am lucky to have had this opportunity and grateful that due to the uncertainty attached to our son’s surgery, my SIL left it open ended as for the completion date of the paintings. That was very gracious of her. I’m happy to say that all three paintings were delivered by Christmas Day 🙂

A pleasant side bar: While the above paintings were on my easel, I invited a friend to my studio to view my current project(s) and received three more commissions from her. One of them will become a painting of her two dogs! Aarf!

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