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Non-figurative series inspired by Matisse, Hammershøi

Fall has brought me back to atelier work at Gage South, aggressively going after the figure, but this non-figurative series has held my attention. I spent July and August working on the painted Flicker series. Two of the five in the series were completed toward the end of the inaugural term in the Trowbridge Atelier.

Here are some of the new pieces in progress:

Back in Feb 2016, Kimberly Trowbridge held a lecture on Henri Matisse and an “open window” image from her slide show caught my eye. Flicker 3 – Sacred Space, below, is my interpretation of that interior:

During the month of August, I attended Carol Hendrick’s lecture at the Frye Art Museum on the amazing Vilhelm Hammershøi exhibit.  It was a great coincidence that I was working on my Flicker series at the same time I was introduced to VH’s work.  He was a gifted artist who worked obsessively on neutral interiors primarily of his own digs and wifey.  See Flicker I – Bed & Butter, below, with the mirror and the door reflection:

On Flicker 3, the Matisse-inspired painting, I also “Hammershøi’d it up” with the extreme light cast onto the floor and observed his method of the same light through the drapery.  Throughout the three paintings shown on this post, I employed VH’s technique of the horizontal brush strokes. I fell in love with that aspect of his paintings.

Flicker 5 – El Mano

The Flicker series was on exhibit at Fool the Eye: Art of Trompe L’oeil at The Gardens at Town Square in Bellevue, Washington, through February 2017.

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