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Incorporating cartoon imagery into traditional 3D still life

When it comes to technique, I am pushing myself to combine what I already know with the ideas that take more effort on my part.  My natural sense is to start my sketches by incorporating objects in still life and not-so-much the figure or a landscape. At the beginning stages of an ideaI typically start with objects because it’s what I know.  My plan is to study the figure with gusto by taking anatomy classes, figure workshops, and continuing life model time.

That aside, I am excited that this new art scheme I am currently engrossed in is allowing me to express my vision with confidence. I don’t feel a need to render my figures expertly so I can relax and have fun with this one.  As for those ideas… I am also looking to push conventional thought with the use of symbolism.  I came up with “staging” a composition using foamcore — which was to be used as observational reference, but turned into actual players on the stage.

I’m not gonna lie, placing cartoon-like objects within two-dimensional realism nudges at convention and will be tricky ??.  An inspiration, see German contemporary artist Neo Rauch‘s cartoon/surrealism. My next blog post will highlight the same imagery in an ink value collage, as well as some more discussion behind the dreamscape.  I am on the verge of taking this particular idea and embarking on a body of work. It’s exciting!

Beginning … a page from my journal.

A more realized charcoal sketch.

A three-dimensional shadow box or diorama set up as reference. The cartoon-y players on the stage make me smile. ?

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