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Painting outdoors: comparing backyard landscapes

Backyard still life close up

Very soon I will be heading to Rome to attend a two-week “Painting Rome” plein air workshop and over the last several weeks I’ve been outdoors preparing for such an epic trip. In my prior post mentioned I’d be continuing outdoor painting with my U.go mini palette in my backyard. I decided my old backyard would be a good start.

The following images are of my parent’s patio. Lucky me! I grew up there and witnessed the changes the small cement backyard underwent during my growing up days. My father was a cement mason (and his father too) and he created a landscape for planters with as much green that any expensive lawn could muster. Both Mom and Dad have a hand creating in this eclectic lush oasis. Many of the planters are dad’s sculptures as well as the medallion reliefs, mosaics, etc… you see scattered throughout. Mom’s green thumb is a show stopper and the San Diego backdrop knits it all together ?

Comparing weather patterns and backyards, I set up my paints at a different site that happens to be our vacation property in eastern Washington in the small town of Orondo. From early spring to Memorial Day weekend the overcast rainy weather prevailed. I am doing my best to engage in quick observation while trying to figure out which-blobs-of-color-go-where as the ever changing light does a number on me. It’s INTENSE but I’m having a blast!

See you in Rome ?? Ciao!

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