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Does this blog post find you well?

It's been a while, I really do hope you are well. Keeping in touch with art and with you has been a challenge so I'll do us both a favor and bypass discussing the GIANT smokey rain drenched masked elephant in the room. You're welcome.

Engaging with family has been my most recent past time. I've also spent a legitimate amount of time listening to podcasts, audiobooks and watched every episode of this overall inspiring YouTube channel. Over coffee, I continue to sit with old family photos, drawings and paint studies. And, much to my enjoyment, I managed to partake in a few online art workshops. Allow me to jump right in and share some photos of my nostalgic art:

That's it. Short and sweet. I hope you noticed the new look of my website. The Wix format is simple, the exact thing I need right now.

Send me a note if you want to catch up! I'll be sending out a "mail art" postcard next week, if you'd like one click here. I appreciate you taking a moment to visit with me.

Thank you for being here.

- Christina

Shaun Doniger - Developer/Designer

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