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Remembering teenage years in three dimensions

Every so often I have spontaneous fits of art making that transpire into funky three-dimensional art.  This post will highlight one such session.

For the occasion of the Everyone’s $50 show I picked up a pre-fabricated liquor box and went to town.  The most gratifying part of this project was that I had on hand all the materials except for the light strand. The strand is “C” battery operated so it carries more of a charge which was important me. Additional supplies used are: Compact mirrors, copies of my Alexander Graham Bell 7th grade yearbook, an art magazine and glue, lots of glue.

Stay The Way You Are, 2018, 10″ h x  8″ w x 5″ d Found objects, mixed media collage

Inspired by the past, the coldness and insecurity of teenage life prevails throughout this light box. The exterior of the box holds the Teen Beat profiles of my fellow classmates and the petty misconceptions kids held toward one another. On the inside, there is a longing to be accepted coupled with the necessity to look inward and reflect (see small mirrors) on our sameness. The disappointment of teenage life, in my opinion, is that the reflecting part is inevitably pushed aside. The shell of a body decoupaged on the side of the box represents the ignored “sameness” as does the tiny inked skeleton parts.

Heat gun and a knife used to gently remove mirror for project.

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