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Visiting my parents in paint

While spending more time in the studio these days, I have become engrossed in my nostalgic analog photos, especially those of my parents.

I understand these photos are quaint and for those who do not have a relationship with the subject matter, it can be hard to connect. It is my hope my paintings lift these particular people into another dimension.

Using a cool phone app, I've magnified the photos to look closely to see as much of the environment as possible. The fact that some of these things cannot be seen with my naked eye is not surprising. What does surprise me on occasion are the things I find under the magnifier. I can loosely figure out what was taking place at the time the photo was snapped. In my pile of family photos, a couple of versions of the tear-off calendar (shown in this painting above mom's left shoulder) makes an appearance in certain photos where in one case (not in this case), the calendar year and month came in to magnified view! These are happy surprises. In one photo, I found an over-exposed dog! See below.

I'm happy to report that I will soon have a reprieve from recent limited 2D visitations with my folks. Next week, I have the opportunity to visit mom and dad IN PERSON, in REAL TIME! I plan to also dig into even more shoe boxes filled with treasures for future inspirations :) Good times are ahead!

Permanent Mom, San Diego

c 1980

12"x 12" Oil on paper

Sister photo reference I used to paint mom's portrait. The pencil drawing above is my consideration for a different painting of the Dominguez sisters– with legs added.

Reference photo, "Three Generations, San Diego, 1954"

I had to do a double-take to find over-exposed Scout. 🧐

7" x 10" oil painting on paper is featured on my prior blog post.

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