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Rewards of adhering to strict value scale and perspective

This is the third and final post about my collage piece, Flicker.

Prior to Flicker, I had produced a self portrait that took on a personal aspect: it took on the past and my “truth” using collage photo imagery. In Flicker, I decided to take that further and infuse my conscious and subconscious into a conceptual work of art. The process more than surprised me. As things took off, everything crystallized. I followed my instincts and was floored at how quickly the piece was done and how easy it came.


Flicker, mixed media collage, 18″ x 26.5″.

The work was meant to be a study in value, made with Sumi and walnut inked papers. I am happy that I stuck with my commitment to execute the piece with warm and cool values. I am also glad that I received the nudge from coach Kimberly to even take on the project. As you can see, I strove to render an almost three-dimensional quality to the finished work by using a strict value scale and perspective.  I came to love the tonal value structure in composition and have applied it to a couple of current paintings.

Flicker synopsis

The stage and curtain depict life’s theatrical performance, of which we are all players. I see the form of the hand as vital when it comes to the memories of our loved ones. Children, parents, lovers — the changing shape of their hands as they grow older … the memory of their touch and how that memory grounds you and makes you feel whole (or possibly not ?). The floating couple — are they brother/sister, husband/wife, cousins, or BFF’s? For me, they are an homage to the man, Marc Chagall. The tree-like stand with the collaged forest depicts a place. Can you guess where? The clothesline is a timeline and the images attached with clothes pins are our memories flickering through time. The vintage looking sepia toned gateway/wall on the right represents the past. As for the “woman”, I don’t know who she actually is, but I believe she represents time. (See this blog post for more discussion on the mystery woman)

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