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Vacation: sketches in London

Jacopo Pontormo

The featured image above was taken at The National Gallery. It is a small painted headboard (or footboard) that Italian artist Jacopo Pontormo painted for a patron as a wedding gift. It is stunning! Also at the NG, I came across a small room that included many of Pontormo’s small works. I was lucky to see the much grander in scale paintings of Pontormo while in Florence but these little guys are amazing! Please follow me on Instagram and you’ll see many more photos of my National Gallery visit.

Continuing, here are a few sketches I managed during the two short on site visits at the National Gallery in London. • Bucket list – check! •

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I fell in love with this more contemporary painting of The Annunciation (shown to the right in detail) depicting a teenage frightened Mary during the angel Gabriel’s visit.

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