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Mini vacation: a plein air experience

First official plein air outing with oils and new set up.

Spring time is upon us. Reflecting back a few months, January in Scottsdale gave me a look into what’s to come for us in the PNW weather-wise. Seattle springs are when our lawns look their best and plans for outdoors are on everyone’s plate. Plein air painting has finally taken its hold on me after years of neglect. I’m a “one trick pony” when it comes to the processes of those indoor-only disciplines that give me ultimate satisfaction. One thing at a time, that’s me in a nutshell.

At the onset of my migration to the Pacific Northwest from sunny San Diego, in an accepting way, I tagged my new surroundings and all this weather as an adventure. As I get older, I have decided that as much as physically possible, I need light in my art life. Hence, I enter through the gate to the great outdoors and plein air painting.  I have also come to realize that I can do both indoor and outdoor painting–what a concept!

Being a complete novice is both nerve wracking and freeing. I’ll take it slow and see where things lead me. My goal is to break in my new pochade box by New Wave called the U.go until it eventually becomes an oily dirty mess 🙂 This coming June, I will participate in a formal (with playtime) on site outdoor instruction in Rome, Italy ??  More to follow!

In the meantime, my backyard in the PNW- here I come!

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