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Returning with a new look, website re-launch

It’s great to be back. Let me bring you up to date and share the most recent highlights of my art practice. Highlight number one: This beautiful website. Teaching artist Mitchell Albala at Gage Academy is also a web designer and has done many websites for Gage faculty. (See his other websites.) Who knew?! I am very pleased with the outcome of my new website. Many thanks to Mitch for his patience and expertise.

I am enrolled in Kimberly Trowbridge’s Advanced Seminar and am in the second and final term. It has been a great follow up to my atelier experience at Gage Academy of Art. Lectures, hands on projects, art history, and writing an Artist Statement have all been equally satisfying. I will put to good use what I’ve learned, not to mention the continuing respect I have for my peers and my instructor, the ultimate privilege!

I created another body of work. Take a look at the mini paintings titled “Innocence”. I continue to hone my focus on the past. There is this 1970’s era film directed by Sofia Coppola titled, Virgin Suicides. It has been my goal for quite some time to reach that cinematographic style of expression in paint. As I continue to investigate that particular take on nostalgia (more on this later), I inadvertently stumbled across these sweet little photo representations of the same era. They were painted during the summer and morphed into two installations during the fall and winter months of 2017.  I am pleased at the public’s appreciation of my Innocence series.

The final highlight was my entry into the 2018 Spitting Image Self Portrait Competition and Exhibition at Gage.  My piece received an Honorable Mention and I am grateful to show juror Greg Robinson, Chief Curator, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art for his presentation during the ceremony discussing in riveting detail the competition’s award recipient’s individual works.

Family Ties, 2018, acrylic on reversed cradled wood panel, 12″ x 16″

I’m happy to have returned after such a long time away.  Thank you for being here and I hope you continue to check in.

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