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Group show review: Trowbridge Atelier and Gage Studio Arts Intensive

I wanted to share some photos from the group show that opened on Friday, April 15, 2016.  Thanks  to all who came to see the show and visited with me. The show consists of my own works alongside fellow Trowbridge Atelier classmates, as well as an additional 16 students from the Studio Arts Intensive program at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.  It’s the first of many group Atelier shows to cap off the progress of each program.  This is a very strong show (I know, I am biased), but you’ll have to see for yourself!

It was a great night and I’m sad that in just a few weeks it all has to come down.  I do look forward to the next combined show, though: Kang-O’Higgins (contemporary art) and Magrath (sculpture) Ateliers.

Installation: Flicker 1

I had some very nice reviews of my installation piece (above).  The last minute touch to the piece was the addition of a small boom box that plays a CD of my father’s music! He’s a Mexican folk musician. Dad’s voice and guitar mixed with percussion, etc., which can be heard in the video … is just so sweet!

You can read a full description of the installation on the Installations: Flicker portfolio page.

Trowbridge Atelier, from left to right: Nikki Snowden, Stacy Rosevear, Shyla Braxton-Carter, Andrew Ellbogen, Instructor Kimberly Trowbridge and me. Not pictured: Nan Herbert, Sally Shintaffer, Scott Blue, Miya Sukune, and Kathy Kelley.

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